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Access Control

To provide access control services, NESTECH offers a solution that is cohesive and unified. It combines user authentication and authorization with seamless integrations and easy expansion.

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Building Automation

Automated and digital building controls can reduce your costs by lessening energy consumption. NESTECH’s Building Automation System will give you centralized access to your building systems, and you can monitor access and control from a single interface.

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Intrusion Detection

If you are concerned about intruders, a good intrusion detection system will put you at ease by alerting you to any suspicious activity around your facility or home. NESTECH can help. Our intrusion detection system will also generate an alarm, and is easy to use.

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System Monitoring

System monitoring involves the real-time and continuous monitoring of an infrastructure or IT system. It includes the monitoring of security, live remote video monitoring and more.

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Mobile Solutions

Want remote access to your home or office? You can get fully mobile access control with our mobile solutions, providing you great convenience, and you can get this access on your Smartphone or Protégé Mobile App.

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Multi-Family Residential

We can provide robust security for your multiple family dwellings. A Smart living experience can include wireless locking systems, remote or on-site video surveillance and alarm security monitoring, all unified in a system ideal for multi-family residentials.

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If you have a complicated set up or mote than one facility or residence, you can integrate systems for better efficiency. We offer video management, biometric and intercom systems and elevator system integrations, based on the requirements.


Professional Access Control & Camera System Consulting

We deliver Unified Systems that are Fully Secured and Managed. We provide exceptional solutions based on your requirements and needs.

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Custom Surveillance & Robust Security

We use custom surveillance and security integration and automation to build access control systems. NESTECH can deliver a fully connected solution for businesses of any size. With us you can have a one-stop reliable solution from simple network structures to complex data network infrastructure installations.

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Ready to get Started?

Step 1: Book a Consultation
Step 2: Design Audit (On-site assessment & requirements discussion)
Step 3: Research (Our design team will build a customized solution based on your needs & budget)
Step 4: Obtaining the client’s approval on the solution
Step 5: Implementation
Step 6: Training & Testing


What People Are Saying

NESTECH made it very easy for us to access all security monitoring from our smartphones. They provided Great Customer Service throughout the whole set-up process.

Joe Synn

I was looking for security and monitoring software for my home for so long. A friend of mine recommended NESTECH, and after an initial discussion with the team, we decided to go forward with them. Their customer support is very reliable and ready to help with any inconvenience or update. We are really satisfied with the software and features.

Sierra John

This has been the best access control I have ever used. Since its implementation, I can easily manage everything and monitor every process.

Cylia Terra

Thank you, NESTECH for carefully listening to my needs and implementing exactly what I wanted. We have their intrusion detection system in place, and I must say, I am pretty satisfied because of ease of use and value for money. Highly recommended.

Laura Scott

Security & Monitoring You Can Trust

NESTECH designs fully integrated and custom solutions for access control, surveillance, intrusion detection, and more. Installed and tested by our in-house professionals, our systems are both reliable, and trustworthy, and can be accessed or controlled by any device.

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